About Prince George's Pride

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Prince George's Pride Lacrosse (Prince George’s Pride Lacrosse, Inc.), is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing county boys and girls the chance to learn and play the exciting sport of lacrosse. We offer spring and fall lacrosse programs as well as summer expert clinics.

Everybody Can Join

Based in the College Park/Hyattsville area, our club has players from throughout Prince George's County as well as eastern Montgomery County and Washington D.C. All boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 15 are eligible to join. No prior experience is necessary or expected; almost all of the boys and girls on our teams learned how to play lacrosse from us.

Our Philosophy

Our priorities are: (1) personal accountability, (2) sportsmanship, and (3) fun.

We play a competitive sport in competitive leagues. However, we stress safety in our teaching, and every game is supervised by adult accredited lacrosse referees. Note that "winning" is not in our top 3 priorities. We ask each team member to give their best effort for each game, and we enjoy winning, but we will not compromise our primary goals to win a game. Every player on each team will play in every game, regardless of ability. The game itself is fast-paced and fun; substitutions are frequent. Novices quickly learn the ropes, and can contribute right away just by hustle.

Finally, we encourage parental participation. All practices and games are open, and we welcome parental involvement. The Club holds periodic Board meetings to set policy, and all interested parents are invited to attend and participate.

Stay Connected

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